Painting, Photography & Graphic Design

You can talk and talk and talk and talk and, sometimes, even then not be able to fully articulate how you feel. On the other hand, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, here on the Painting, Photography & Graphic Design page we’re featuring painting, photography and graphic design that represent and speak to the Multiracial experience.

Toward that end, we invite you to take a break from trying to explain yourself with words and use images. This is the place to give us your “thousand”—your photo, painting or graphic design that says: “if you want to see how I’m feeling right now, this is what it looks like.” So, whether you’re a photographer or painter or graphic designer we want your “thousand words in one image” (or many more images if you care to share) expressing your inner thoughts and feelings about Multiracial life and experience via the creative medium about which you are passionate.

They say it’s better to show than tell. Well, here’s your chance. Go!