Chinese Culture, Immigration from Taiwan, and Finding a Calling in Comedy and Graphic Novels with Brian Jian, Ep. 213

Ep. 213: Brian Jian is a very talented guy.  A son of Chinese immigrants from Taiwan, Brian grew up as an only child who loved trading “friendly” taunts with his buddies.  When he found that comedians from Colin Quinn’s “Tough Crowd” were doing just that, Brian knew he had to be part of that crowd.  And, thus, a career in comedy was born. 

But, Brian is not just a hilarious comedian, he’s a gifted illustrator, who has been drawing since his earliest years, and he has now issued a graphic novel called Broken Toys, Extraordinary Machines.  It’s a must buy, that blends his interest in Chinese culture, martial arts, and fantasy with his interest in melding cultures.  And, also, you need to check out his cartoon Bruce and Bruce Show (available on Instagram) that imagines what would happen if Bruce Lee and Bruce Banner (the Hulk’s alter ego) were roommates.

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