Film Documentary: War Brides of Japan

We are currently in post production with our documentary, War Brides of Japan. This is the story of Japanese women who married American GIs during the U.S. Occupation following WWII. Nearly all marriages took place with black, white or Latino military men. The very rare exceptions were Japanese American Office of Strategic (OSI) officers. These women, who were allowed to immigrate to the U.S.

These women, who were allowed to immigrate to the U.S. after the War Brides Act of 1945 was passed, were pioneers without ever being acknowledged or celebrated. Scorned by Japanese nationals for marrying ‘the enemy.’ then ostracized by Americans (even Japanese Americans) during the height of anti-Japanese hysteria in the U.S., these beautiful and brave women mostly raised mixed-race kids and created Westernized households despite having been born and raised in Japan.

About the Filmmakers of War Brides of Japan

Yayoi Lena Winfrey & Throwing Rice Productions

An illustrator|designer turned author, journalist and screenwriter, Yayoi began pursuing filmmaking in 1998 while living in Santa Monica. Yayoi on IMDB.

Recalling the sweet-natured Japanese War Bride mothers she grew up around on military bases, Yayoi is now on a mission to tell as many of their stories as possible. In her mind, they are beautiful, brave, bodacious and bad-ass!

arrigatou gozaimashita to:

Family Photos: Jean Lahn, M Craig, Margaret Tinsley, Susan Stead-Carter, Masumi Shimura
Archival Photos: Doug Price, The Library of Congress, The U.S. National Archives,
Wikimedia Commons
Ship Manifest: Michele Thomas, U.S. Warbrides
Music: Matthew “Music Pilgrim” Williams
Cash and In-Kind Donations: Global Music Awards

The following are many links to many trailers and clips reaching back to 2012.

88.1 fm interview

behind the scenes on Vimeo

behind the scenes on YouTube

pre-production trailer on Vimeo

pre-production trailer on YouTube

v.2 trailer on YouTube

30-second Snipler trailer on YouTube

There have also been several articles written about our efforts, including this one for NBC.

NBC article

we also have a Fiscal Sponsor and are still fundraising here:

our Network for Good fundraising page

arrigatou gozaimasu to all our supporters!


A longtime journalist and visual artist, Yayoi turned to filmmaking while living in Santa Monica in the late 1990s. As the daughter of a Japanese war bride and an African American soldier, she was delighted to discover so many others like herself as she embarked on making the documentary War Brides of Japan.

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