Happy Two-Year Anniversary, Marriage Equality!


Marriage Equality

The beautiful women in this photo are Jen Chancellor and Shadana Hurd.* Of course this was taken on their wedding day.

June is a big month for love: On June 12th all of us in the Multiracial Community celebrate Loving Day, in honor of Mildred and Richard Loving, whose bravery and tenacity are the reason interracial marriage is legal nationwide in the United States. But there’s another big anniversary taking place. Two years ago yesterday (June 26th) the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Marriage Equality nationwide. What is Marriage Equality?

This means two people of the same sex can legally get married in all 50 states and all of the U.S.’s 23 colonies, including Puerto Rico, where I live.

What’s the Big Deal About Marriage Equality?

What exactly is Marriage Equality? As with an interracial relationship, when two people of the same sex fall in love and form a bond, they expect the same level of scrutiny, ugly looks, mean comments and judgmental attitudes those of two different races endure. And oft times the same people who have an issue with interracial marriage take issue with marriage equality.

People who hate and discriminate rarely do so for any logical reason. Discrimination is based on fear and some fundamental belief that those who are different from themselves are somehow yucky. Yeah, I said yucky. Yucky meaning not worthy of having the same rights as two White or two straight (heterosexual) people. All adults have the right to choose with whom they fall in love and want to marry, which is the crux of Marriage Equality.

There was no legal standing to prevent two people of different races from getting married. Similarly, there was no legal standing to prevent two people of the same sex from getting married. Marriage Equality is about just that: wanting all the same benefits of two heterosexual people who want to be married. And what’s wrong with that? If two people are of legal age to get married, no matter their race(s) or sex(es), they should be able to legally get married. And if people object for religious reasons, I say, don’t marry someone of the same sex then. It’s pretty simple.

I personally prefer to dismiss all the objections people have to both interracial marriage and marriage equality and wish those who fall in love, form a bond and want to get married nothing but love and success. May your marriages last a lifetime.

Marriage Equality

So my friends, I ask you to join all of us at Multiracial Media in congratulating the U.S. Supreme Court for getting it right twice in my lifetime: Happy 50th anniversary of Loving Day and Happy two-year anniversary of Marriage Equality!

*In August 2015, my partner Alex Barnett interviewed Jen Chancellor and Shadana Hurd for his Multiracial Family Man podcast. It remains one of his most popular. Click here to find out why. You’ll thank me later.

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