Mark & Krystal ” Late Night Snack”

In this episode of Mark & Krystal Krystal tries to find out where all the food disappears to.

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Mark Anthony Ramirez (Writer/ Co-Creator/ Producer/Director/Actor) Born and raised in New York City, Seen on and Featured on ABC Televisions coverage of the world famous New York Comedy Festival, MTV, Comedy Central, MTV, The Food Networks Giving You The Business, Restaurant Stake Out. Seen and heard on Howard Stern, The Joey Reynolds Show, National Lampoons Radio, Court TV Radio, Cosmo Radio, Mark is also a regular on Sirius XM Radio’s Tell Me Everything With John Fugelsang and Radio Stations nationwide. Mark Anthony Ramirez is one of comedies respected long time comics favorite. 

With a Multi Racial heritage comprising of: Latino, Black, Caucasian, Asian, and a host of other ethnicities. Ramirez is “America”. His style is high energy bluntness with unmatched charm, rapier wit, and a Voltaire like philosophy. Producers and media outlets nationwide often turn to Ramirez when they need a fresh, original and unique perspective on race, religion, family, parenting, politics, science, dating, and relationships.

A respected comedy writer, and comedy coach, with 20 years of experience that started out in the comedy clubs of New York City. Mark has performed on every stage you could imagine and worked and learned from the best.

Mark has also ventured into production side of the entertainment world and has been taken part in every level. From being a pa, to writing, production managing, directing, and producing. In 2016 he started a small production company 0FG Productions which Krystal Kamenides is now his partner in. Together and with their team, they’re making their mark in the entertainment industry, in many ways.

​ Colin Quinn SNL & Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn

​ ” I love his material”

​Talent In Motion Magazine

” Wildly entertaining, spontaneously energetic and charmingly funny are some of the few buzz words that best describe the performance of rising comedy sensation Mark Anthony Ramirez.  Ramirez is one of those eye-catching comics whose stand up is youthful and mature. He exudes the energy of a 20 year-old, yet his  material on dating, relationships, family and life resonates with twenty, thirty and forty-something’s.”


Spectrum Magazine

“He cuts through the crowd like a skilled butcher would slabs of meat. His work is truly an art form”

Steve Hofstetter

“There are several famous people named Mark Anthony, but this is the only one you need to concern yourself with. ”

The executive producer of “Laughs” on Fox


Krystal Kamenides (Writer/Co-Creator/Actor/Producer) Krystal Kamenides is an up and coming stand-up comedian. She is the youngest of five children, having three sisters and one brother. Her parents are Henry Paul Barth from Morton, IL and the late Marie Virginia Pendleton from Philadelphia, PA. Krystal was born in Gardena, CA and grew up in the beach areas of Southern, CA, including San Diego where she graduated from Montgomery High School at the age of 16, and attended San Diego State University before relocating to Southern Maine.

She has two sons, Tyler-24 and Dylan-18. Finding herself approaching the “empty nest” phase of her life in the fall of 2015, she decided to pursue her long-time dream of performing comedy.  Since then she has made regular appearances in Southern Maine: at open mics-Brian Boru, The Couch at Empire, [email protected], comedy venues (The Laugh Shack at Lincoln’s, Blue- The Worst Day of the Week, Bull Feeney-Portland Comedy Showcase, Adams Street Old Port Pub- Maine Event Comedy, Banded Horn Brewery- Up A Creek Comedy Night, festivals (The First Annual Portland Maine Comedy Festival, Cafe LA Ladies Comic Showcase, Ladies Sexy Comedy @ 212), What A Joke National Comedy Festival) and comedy competitions (The Couch Summer Classic Competition, Last Comic Laughing).

In January 2017 she made her debut on the NYC comedy scene at Gladys’ Comedy Room at Comic Strip Live, Greenwich Villages’ The Grisly Pear and on the Ask Wendy segment of The Wendy Williams Show. She also has a following on social media for her unedited, raw, off the cuff “msmochamoment” videos about her life experiences and current events through the eyes of a bi-racial woman living in the least racially diverse state in the nation.

Krystal along with Mark, is also a partner in 0FG Productions which has been working and producing live comedy events, video shorts, commercials and ads for a diverse clientele.

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