Sarah’s World Beat: Multiracial Media Reacts to the Manchester Bombing That Killed Children

Manchester bombing that killed children

In light of the Manchester bombing  that killed children and adults at an Ariana Grande concert last night, I have temporarily postponed my weeks-long series about Race.

This isn’t about Ariana Grande or her music, it’s about a bombing that killed children. My partner, Alex, and his wife have a son, and so I imagine this shocks him to the core. Many of the regular contributors of Multiracial Media have children, including the author of the Ask Lisa Advice column Lisa Rosenberg and the Complexion Chronicles author, TaRessa Stovall. I don’t have children, but I do have nieces and nephews and many of my closest friends have kids. The thought of targeting children in a bombing is unthinkable to me. I know I can speak for all of us at Multiracial Media when I say our hearts go out to the victims and their families of the Manchester bombing that killed children and adults.

As I understand from reading The Guardian, as of 8:58 a.m. local time, 22 people are dead and more than 59 were injured in the Manchester bombing. As more information continues to unfold, I am sure we can expect those numbers to rise.

The Guardian was able to get many eyewitness accounts, including this one.

Manchester bombing that killed children

From The Guardian: The attack, which took place in the foyer area of the arena, left hundreds of people fleeing in terror, with young people at the concert separated from their parents in the chaos. It left carnage inside the concert venue, with medics describing treating wounds consistent with shrapnel injury.


Manchester bombing that killed childrenAlthough Multiracial Media is not on the scene or the first thought in people’s minds to turn to for the most up-to-date news about the Manchester bombing that claimed the lives of at least 23 people and injured another 59, some of them children, please know that our hearts, prayers and thoughts go to the families and our brothers and sisters in England.

Photo credits: YouTube, courtesy of ABC News’s Nightline

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