Operation Welcome Mat


Multiracial Media is honored that Operation Welcome Mat has asked us to present their video to you. Obviously the topic of refugees is a hot button issue. If you listen to one camp, they’re all terrorists-in-the-making and if you listen to the other, they’re just that … refugees whose homeland has been destroyed due to a war they have nothing to do with. That’s the problem with war. It’s usually the result of the actions of a few people, but unfortunately the majority have to pay for those actions.

The refugees in search of new homes are people who could be you and me, if the situation were reversed and when people are able to put themselves in others’ shoes, it’s easier to see the bigger picture. These are men, women and children who got caught in the crossfire between the U.S. and their counties’ leaders.

And now they need our help. Please check out the video from Operation Welcome Mat and maybe it will make better sense why we need to open our hearts to them. In the end, they’re people, just like you and me.

A small gesture with big meaning!
On March 3rd, 2017, residents of Lakewood, Ohio came together to raise funds for the local refugee community. Residents brought new welcome mats to donate to local resettlement agencies, as well as toiletries and supplies requested by local charities. It’s a small gift that speaks volumes as a symbol that our new neighbors are welcomed to Cleveland, and now welcoming others into their new homes.

Samantha Mauney Aiken is a culture-loving creative consultant living in Cleveland, Ohio. She’s a Jane of all trades in all things media and loves filmmaking, content marketing, and photography. Currently, she’s producing a romantic comedy indiefilm called I’m Having an Affair With My Wife! about a mixed-race couple who, fed up with marriage, decide to have affairs online and accidentally end up dating each other. More on that can be found at: My Sweet Affair

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