Multiracial Media is always on the lookout for helpful resources for our community. These could be informative texts, educational and enlightening documentary films, or other online and real-world tools that provide benefits for members of the Multiracial Community.

Toward that end, we’d like to recommend the following:


Being Biracial:
Where Our Secret Worlds Collide

Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide is an anthology consisting of essays from 24 contributors from around the world (who are Biracial / multiracial, the parent of mixed race children or both).  The book was edited by Sarah Ratliff and Bryony Sutherland, both of whom also contributed essays to the book.  Sarah Ratliff is a Corporate America escapee turned eco-organic farmer, writer, activist, serial entrepreneur and published book author. She is Black and Japanese on her mother’s side and German, Dutch and Irish on her father’s. For more about Sarah, see “Who We Are.” Bryony Sutherland is a 10-time published author. She and her family live in England. Bryony is White and her husband is Caribbean Black. Together they are raising three Biracial sons.

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Escaping Culture – Finding Your Place in the World

Provocative and at times incendiary, Escaping Culture – Finding Your Place in the World challenges readers to rethink societal hierarchies and philosophical questions. How do we define culture, race, ethnicity, spirituality and identity? How do we find meaning and purpose? How do we better relate to each other? How do we define morality? How do we interpret our mortality? How do we interact with the world around us? How do we control, enhance and empower our lives? How do we find our place in the world?

In a socially fractured world filled with people seeking answers to higher consciousness and meaning, it offers as testimony, an authentic telling of cultural rebellion, humor and heart rendering anecdotes. And of life discovered, marinated in an introspective stew of indulgence, compassion, and redemption.

About the Author:

Frederico Wilson, is President of an International Business Development company, a freelance writer and blogger focusing on multicultural perspectives. He lives, works, and writes in Seattle, Washington.

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Café Mocha

Café Mocha is the author’s first and only sensual romance short story, focusing on a woman who decides to change her way of thinking when it comes to meeting men.

Cinnamon Jones is a divorcée, who has decided to change her way of thinking when it comes to meeting men. No more will she settle for someone who does not measure up to her high standards, which she did when she first met her husband, Horatio Jones. When he became successful, he dumped her. However, after she meets Ray Samuel in a café, sparks will fly. Will Cinnamon find true love, or will she end up making the same mistake twice?


When Cinnamon met her husband, he was flat broke and busted. He had less than twenty-five dollars in his savings account, rode around in a hoopty and lived in a rundown building, swarming with indescribable creepy crawlers, but the fact that he lacked the proper credentials did not change the way she felt about him. Her love for him carried more weight than his standing in life. His name was Horatio Jones.

About the Author:

vivienne-diane-neal-photo-2Born in 1946, Vivienne Diane Neal is a writer, blogger, and an author. She is a storyteller with a wicked sense of humor, has been writing articles for over twenty years and started penning fictional short stories in 2007. Vivienne gets her story ideas from observing people, places and things and watching true TV court cases and talk shows.

Her first book, Making Dollar$ And Cent$ Out Of Online Dating, is a true-life and humorous account as to why and how she got into the dating business and the problems she has encountered in the past while trying to keep afloat in the ever-changing world of the Internet dating business.

In 2009, she authored her second book, Shades of Deception, a collection of ten fictional short stories centering on diverse men and women, who in their speedy search for love, romance and bliss, become the targets and victims of deceit, betrayal, fraud, revenge, and scandal.



Three books by Lauren Lola:



And they’re all available on  Amazon

Lauren Lola is a writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the author of the novels “A Moment’s Worth” and “An Absolute Mind.” She graduated from California State University, East Bay where she earned her B.A. in Communication and a minor in Theatre. She has had writing featured on Hapa Voice, Entropy Magazine, Multiracial Media, YOMYOMF, VerseWrights, and in zines published by the Oakland Asian Cultural Center. Lauren also regularly blogs for the entertainment non-profit organization, Kollaboration, and for The Wind-Up Books Chronicle.





Escape from Liberty

Escape from Liberty by Elan Gregory is based on the event of the Seminoles who were given the right by Spain to govern themselves. Seminole means “Run away. Escaped renegade.” It was a name given to escaped slaves and Native Americans. The Spanish knew that neighboring America was trying to take Florida. So the executed a political strategy that invited all escaped slaves to live with Native Americans in Florida. The union of freed slaves and Native Americans was the last thing the American Colony wanted. They founded Georgia to actually capture escaped slaves before they reached Florida. A military of escaped slaves and Native Americans grew.

The “Cotton Promise” is an agreement between slaves and the international cotton market in exchange for the promise to keep cotton at a reasonable price. The promise is made to honor the slaves in the Seminole territory. Slave ships filled with weapons to arm the slaves are sent. The slaves train a militia of leaders to train other factions of slave. Taking out the southern plantation from the bottom up.

How did slave revolts and Native American resistance force “White Supremacy” to change?

There is the academic and then there is the urgency of the street.

About the Author:

American mixed race writer, Elan Gregory attempts to expose the disparity between human experience and the racial imagination. His writing breaks down the institutionalization of assumptions that once served slave culture. The main character is the sense of urgency. Racial imagination is the precursor to environmental problems and war. Elan Gregory resides in Northampton MA. He teaches horticulture therapy to children with early childhood trauma.

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